About Us

Lisa Muilenburg

Designer / Owner

I am a work from home mom. I started designing quilts for my mother. She needed a bunny for a particular granddaughter and could not find any she liked. I designed the first pixel style image quilt with my mother in 2006. This was inspired by my love of counted cross stitch, which is creating an image from squares and triangles. As time went by I created other designs for the next grandchildren. I changed the process some with each grandchild. Soon I was creating images faster than she was needed them, and in 2011 I started Counted Quilts.  

Now I design them for you! I love to get ideas from friends, family, and now customers. "It is so fun to hear that is just what I wanted."

When my daughter was young she once asked me when I was making my next "quilt that counts".

I told her my business was called Counted Quilts, but I think she had it right.

 My goal is to help Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties, and Friends make a quilt for those who matter most to them.

And let’s not forget all you wonderful volunteers who donate you time and talents to make special quilts for those you don't even know.

As my kids get older I am attending more quilt shows. I have started teaching classes and workshops. If you think these patterns are something your guild or quilting group might enjoy please contact me lisa@countedquilts.com

Laneth Dick


My mom, quilting has been a great way for her to share her sewing talent with her family and friends. She has made wedding quilts for her married children, nieces and nephews, and a baby quilt for her grandchildren.

Without her encouragement, support, and help Counted Quilts would have never made it out into the world.


How to Make Counted Quilts

These quilt patterns are a quick and easy way to make an adorable character without appliqué or panels. Only straight cutting and straight seams! First, rotary cut the given fabric yardage into 1-3 sizes of strips for each color. Second, cross cut those strips into the given number of pieces. These will be alphabetically labeled and set aside. Third follow the full page color labeled image to sew the pieces together piece by piece, row by row. It is really fun to watch the image emerge line by line, like putting a puzzle together.

These are Perfect Patterns

 for Beginning Quilters!

1. Cut Strips 

  2. Cut Pieces

 3. Follow Image

How to Videos Links

Start to Finish

Half Square Triangles

Alternate Sizes

Accent Lines

Where Else Can You Find Counted Quilt Patterns?

1. My Etsy shop. www.etsy.com/shop/CountedQuilts


2. Hardcopy patterns can be found in many local quilt shops.If they are not in yours, make sure you tell them about Counted Quilts

3. Distributed by www.QuiltWoman.com


Baby Fox pattern featured in the November 2016 edition of The Quilt Pattern Magazine

Monster Truck pattern featured in the February 2017 edition of The Quilt Pattern Magazine