All 5 Dinosaurs pillow patterns in one pattern.


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Dino Pillow Set #108



My Son was a huge Dinosaur fan, so I have 5 different dinosaur patterns. Then one day I saw a folding pillow floor pad and thought it would so much fun to make one of those out a a theme from my patterns. You can use 3-5 pillows depending on the size of the child you are making it for.

Dinosaurs: Pterodactyl, Brontosaurus, Trex, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.

These pillow tops are pieced together the same way a quilt top is. Then you can turn them into individual pillows or or sew them together and seam in between for a pillow pad.


Skill Level: Beginner The pattern lists fabric yardage, then uses tables to show the number of strips to cut and the number of pieces to cut from those strips. The entire top is then sewn using straight 1/4" seams. The shaping is done with quick corner triangles also called the snowball method. There are some instructional videos on youtube. Just search Counted Quilts Dog instruction.


Selecting Fabrics: Due to the fact that the pattern pieces may be sewn both horizontally and vertically to make the picture we recommend using non-directional fabric.


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