Flamingo Grow Chart



Blue (water)


Light Blue (sky)


Pink (body)


Dark Green (hill, grass)


Light Green (heart, grass)


White (clouds)


Tan (sand)


Black (nose, legs)


Dark Pink (wings)


Dark Blue (leg shadow)


Yellow (beak)



1 1/4



 Additional Items

Optional 1/8 inch black ribbon and iron-on adhesive for accent lines

Basic sewing supplies

Homemade labels A-Z 


Is your little one as tall as a Flamingo?

For flamingo lovers everywhere. This one was a recent request from a Custom who loved the long Giraffe Wall Hanging used as a Grow Chart for her grandson. She wanted a similar pattern for a Grand daughter.

*Size: 20x44
The image of just the flamingo is 16x40 with a 2 inch border it becomes 20x44. The Border is a great place to applique on some numbers to use this a grow chart (numbers not included). Even without the number is make a great door or wall hanging.

*Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
My patterns create a cute fun image using a strip and pieced method. All straight rotary cutting and straight 1/4 inch seams.
Step 1: Cut the given number of strips for each color (1-3 widths of strips)
Step 2: Use a set of charts to cross cut those strips into different piece lengths. These will be alphabetically labeled and set aside. Shaping is done with half square triangles. These are cut as squares and then use the quick corner method, drawing a line corner to corner, sewing down the line and trim the corner piece off.
Step 3: Follow a full page color image of the quilt top with pieces alphabetically labeled.

Product: When you purchase the pattern you have 2 choices, email or mailed.

If you chose email you will be emailed a color PDF file that you can download and print. The email will come from and be sent to the email address provided by PayPal. If you don't see it within 2 business days check your spam folder, and email

If you ordered a paper copy you the pattern will be mailed to you within one business day, and should be received within 3-5 days.


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