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Plowing the Field



Sky Blue (sky)


Red (tractor)


Black (wheels, stripe, sashing)


Brown (ground, field blocks)


Gray (wheels, grill, sashing)


Solid Black (sashing, binding)


Green (field blocks)


Red Check (border)



2 3/4


 Additional Items

Basic sewing supplies

Homemade labels A-Z 



This quilt pattern is a variation of my original Tractor pattern simplified to fit in a 12x12 block. The instructions are for 5 Tractor blocks, 4 fields, sashing, and a fun border to make a great baby blanket 45x45. I even backed mine with a cozy flannel fabric.
Larger borders will give you a great lap quilt for grandpa who you used to take for tractor rides. Whatever your tractor story you'll enjoy piecing together these simple tractor blocks. Make it your own design swapping out the fields for your favorite blocks.

If you have never made a counted quilt pattern before it is a simple process using only straight seams and straight rotary cutting.
Step 1, use the strip chart to cut all the need strips of each color in 3 different widths.

Step 2, use 3 charts, one for each width, to cross cut those strips into different piece lengths. You will label each piece length with a different letter.

Step 3. The shaping is done with half square triangle in the quick corner method. Meaning triangles will be cut as squares, then you will mark each with a sew line corner to corner on the wrong side of the fabric. These squares will then be laid on top of the piece you need to shape. Sew down the line, trim and flip. (Triangle how to videos on YouTube, search Counted Quilts triangles)

Step 4. Sew these rectangle pieces together piece by piece, row by row, following an alphabetically labeled, full page, color picture "map" of the tractor image.

Normally the entire quilt top is one image, but with this pattern you will use that process to make multiple blocks. Then there are additional instructions for making the field blocks, sashing, border, and even how to quilt and bind.


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