Rocking Horse

 Additional Items

Optional 1/8 inch black ribbon and iron-on adhesive for accent lines

Basic sewing supplies

Homemade labels A-Z 



This adorable Rocking Horse quilt would make a fine addition to any baby room. The variety of colors makes it perfect for a girl, boy, or surprise. With the 3 sizes you can make it for baby's crib, or as small wall hanging for the nursery. And don't forget to add baby name to the frame in the corner.

This pattern is not paper pieced, but it is pieced. The entire quilt top is one large image.
Step 1: Rotary cut the different colors into 3 size strips.
Step 2: Cross those strips into different length pieces, and label alphabetically.
Step 3: Follow a full page color image of the Rocking Horse with labeled pieces. You will work piece by piece row by row form the picture as kind of sew by letter.

Shaping is done with quick corner half square triangles. These pieces will be cut as squares with a sew line drawn corner to corner. These square will be place on top of other squares or larger rectangle pieces. (Videos on YouTube)

The pattern comes with 3 sizes.
Main instruction is for a crib size 42x36, with additional pages for a smaller 28x24, and larger 56x48.Selecting Fabrics: Due to the fact that the pattern pieces may be sewn both horizontally and vertically to make the picture we recommend using non-directional fabric.


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